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Sharp CE-150 : pinions replacement solution ?

Hi all,

We all have ALPS printer modules with broken pinions.
Who knows a replacement part ?

As told by Paul in the forum :

“The pinions measure 3.75mm OD and have 13 teeth. The shaft measures 1.55mm. I’m thinking that this is very similar to some remote control helicopter pinions I found online – 13T 1.5mm shaft mod .25 (101P). I’m going to check with a local RC hobby shop to see if they have anything, but otherwise I’ll try to order some of these pinions ( … ts_id=3013).”

Someone used pinions from a Sony CD player.

If you want to share your solution, please, contact me.

How many cases do you know for the PC-1500 + CE-150 ?


How many cases, pouches, briefcases do you know for the “PC-1500 + CE-150” ?
Sharp branded or from other companies.
Can you post links to the pictures as comment ?

I know 7 :
– 1 official Sharp “CE-150 + PC-1500” for most of the countries.
– 1 official Sharp “PC-1500RP + PC-1500RP2” for Brasil
– 2 official Hiradastechnika for “KA-160 + PTA-4000” and “KA-160 + PTA-4000+16”
– 1 official Radio Shack for the PC2 and it’s printer
– 1 from a french company for “CE-150 + PC-1500”
– 1 special from Japan. Only 50 were built.

Thank you !

Hidden objects : the Sharp PC-1500A, CE-150 and manual

All of you know the famous games “Hidden objects”, isn’t it ?
I have special one for you !

Could you find the Sharp CE-150 ? The PC-1500A manual ? The Sharp PC-1500A ?

Yes, our favorite pocket computer is 33 years old…
The whole article at :

DIANZIBAO : Repairing the Sharp CE-150 printer

Lot of my technical informations come from USA and Europe.
And i’m always happy to discover informations from China specially this one !

DIANZIBAO is a kind of bible for repair shops.
Something like 400 pages of technical informations, schematics, matching table for ICs, components pinouts for all kind of items.
This cover from fridge, cameras, radios… to repair tools.
In the 1992 edition there are some pages about the Sharp CE-150 and it’s usual problems.

In this article you discover all the CE-150 problems you can encounter.
Battery ? Gear ? Pen ? Step-motor ?

And there is a paragraph for ROM replacement.
These pages were never published in EU and USA ! Why ?

It would be wiry nice if some Chinese reader can translate it for us.
I’m sure we would learn a lot more about the CE-150 !

Download the full chapter from DIANZIBAO 1992

Frank C. ODDS : my favorite printer for the Sharp PC-1500

Frank C. ODDS presents his favorite printer for the Sharp PC-1500 : the MCP-40.


The MCP-40 printer — identical, it seems, to another model called “Oric 1” — was a four-colour printer plotter that used a rotating “bullet chamber” device identical to the one in the Sharp CE-150. But the MCP-40 printed on paper rolls 114 mm wide, thus offering larger results than the “bus ticket” output of the CE-150.


The MCP-40 connected to computers via a 36-pin parallel port connector that reduced to a 25-pin DIN connection at the computer. It connected directly to the electricity mains. It therefore functioned more like a full-sized printer than a pocket computer add-on. The printer connected to the PC-1500 via the parallel port on the CE-158 serial/parallel interface.


For printing full-sized text output from the PC-1500, a serial or parallel port connection to the dot matrix, tractor feed type of printer that was widely used in the 1980s. But the MCP-40 came into its own for graphic printing: the four-colour capability, together with the ability to draw smooth lines in any direction, meant it was ideal for plotting graphs and drawing computer-generated diagrams. The MCP-40 sold for a relatively cheap price, making it a great value add-on for a Sharp PC-1500 set-up.


And here is the self test on video :

If you want to learn more here is the Operation manual :
MCP-40 user manual_Page_01

Thank you Frank for sharing your experience with us.

Your Sharp CE-150 needs repair ?

The main problem on CE-150 is the battery pack.
This item needs to be kept in charge.
But after years in your attic…

The battery pack leaks and can damage the electronic board.
Sharp did a mistake when designing the CE-150.
Without battery pack the printer is unusable except for tape operations.

Do you want to repair it ?

Look at this video tutorial offered by Kai :

And bookmark his very interesting website !

Sharp and Tandy service manuals

Do you know the Sharp and Tandy Service Manuals ?
Here are they, modified to have one PDF file (OCR) per item.

All manuals are scanned from my own materials.
If you have some of the missing manuals (or not in this list) to offer (or sell) please tell me.
If you download something, please feel free to write a little comment.


CE-151 4Kb
CE-152 Tape

CE-154 Wallet
Not exist

CE-156 Soft tape
Not exist
CE-157 ROM 4Kb


CE-160 7,8Kb


CE-163 32Kb
CE-165 Writer for CE-160




Download schematics