DIANZIBAO : Repairing the Sharp CE-150 printer

Lot of my technical informations come from USA and Europe.
And i’m always happy to discover informations from China specially this one !

DIANZIBAO is a kind of bible for repair shops.
Something like 400 pages of technical informations, schematics, matching table for ICs, components pinouts for all kind of items.
This cover from fridge, cameras, radios… to repair tools.
In the 1992 edition there are some pages about the Sharp CE-150 and it’s usual problems.

In this article you discover all the CE-150 problems you can encounter.
Battery ? Gear ? Pen ? Step-motor ?

And there is a paragraph for ROM replacement.
These pages were never published in EU and USA ! Why ?

It would be wiry nice if some Chinese reader can translate it for us.
I’m sure we would learn a lot more about the CE-150 !

Download the full chapter from DIANZIBAO 1992

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