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BMC : The MC-12A (PartI)

The MC-12A, the most advanced acquisition tool.
As you can see, it fits perfectly with the PC-1500/CE-150 system.

What can this do ?
– Digital Multimeter -5V to +5V
– Data logger
– Transient
– Fonctions generator
– Data analyzer
– Regulation/Control unit

How can it communicate ?
– 5 input channels
– 2 analog outputs
– 4 CMOS switch
– 2 output relays
– 24 pol. l / O port
– V.24 interface
– 60 pins connector to PC-1500 or CE-150

It’s a strong tool, isn’t it ? It’s as wide as the CE-150.
BMC_MC-12A_004 BMC_MC-12A_005

The power supply adapter EA-150 is plugged directly in the MC-12A and is transferred to the CE-150 with a grey cable.
A very nice idea !

Removing the CE-150 is not really easy. You have to remove 2 screws and move the printer to separate it.
BMC_MC-12A_008 BMC_MC-12A_007

DO you see the white tube on the metal plate ? It goes directly to a hole under the CE-150.

Here is the CE-150 connector :

Now let’s opening the MC-12A and see inside.
There are some options installed. A really good thing ? All the ICs are on sockets ! Easy repairing…
There is a place on the left with corroded marks. It’s the battery.
The whole system can be used out of 110/220v ! You can take it and go on site.

Let’s open a bit more… there is a RAM and a ROM. Two sockets are unused for future extension.

The ROM IC will give you a really good surprise… stay tuned…

PC-1600 : industrial housing

You all know the standard PC-1500/1600 “leather” pouch.
It’s ok for common use.
But it’s unusable in industrial environment !

A company (don’t know which) has developed the perfect housing.
It can protect a PC-1600 and let the keyboard use.

You have two kinds of closing :
– One who definetly close the housing
– One who let access to I/O ports after removing a small trap door.

See the access for the power adapter

This housing is perfect for the PC-1500 too, excepting for the power adapter plug position.

Toxic materials… ?

When the fire department in Hessen has to deal with toxic materials, helps a database in computer computer.

For the firefighter accidents include toxic materials for everyday routine.
statistically occur every day on the streets of the federal republic of Germany five accidents in which endanger the groundwater chemical.

In a stored database about hazardous materials, the program then searches for the names and gives the firefighters notes as chemical best deal. In the danger-data database are approximately 1,350 different hazardous materials stored, as they are often transported over the road. All disclosures fit into a 16KB memory module of the pocket computer PC-1500.
About the small display or a separate printer gives the computer the name of the substance as well as a catalog of measures for the fight against the danger of.