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BMC : The MC-12A (PartI)

The MC-12A, the most advanced acquisition tool.
As you can see, it fits perfectly with the PC-1500/CE-150 system.

What can this do ?
– Digital Multimeter -5V to +5V
– Data logger
– Transient
– Fonctions generator
– Data analyzer
– Regulation/Control unit

How can it communicate ?
– 5 input channels
– 2 analog outputs
– 4 CMOS switch
– 2 output relays
– 24 pol. l / O port
– V.24 interface
– 60 pins connector to PC-1500 or CE-150

It’s a strong tool, isn’t it ? It’s as wide as the CE-150.
BMC_MC-12A_004 BMC_MC-12A_005

The power supply adapter EA-150 is plugged directly in the MC-12A and is transferred to the CE-150 with a grey cable.
A very nice idea !

Removing the CE-150 is not really easy. You have to remove 2 screws and move the printer to separate it.
BMC_MC-12A_008 BMC_MC-12A_007

DO you see the white tube on the metal plate ? It goes directly to a hole under the CE-150.

Here is the CE-150 connector :

Now let’s opening the MC-12A and see inside.
There are some options installed. A really good thing ? All the ICs are on sockets ! Easy repairing…
There is a place on the left with corroded marks. It’s the battery.
The whole system can be used out of 110/220v ! You can take it and go on site.

Let’s open a bit more… there is a RAM and a ROM. Two sockets are unused for future extension.

The ROM IC will give you a really good surprise… stay tuned…