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The swiss adventure : Lukas ZELLER

As you understand my research to tell the story of the PC-1500 does not have borders.
I have many things from Germany. And my previous donor, Xavier Fojud brought me a link between France, Germany and Switzerland. In the latter I already had some contacts but the documents he had generously offered allowed me to connect some names.

Last week I received a gift of Lukas ZELLER.
He has been active Swiss side of the PC-1500 with his diary “Tips & Knife” and his assembler ZASM-S.
So here is his generous gift:


– PC-1500 Expanded to 28KB of RAM + switch to activate a 4Mhz quartz.
– PC-1600 the first version with integrated memory expansion to reach 96Kb.
– CE-150 Printer
– Sharp software modules CE-510A, 502A and 505A
– CE-155 modules whose components were removed to tinker extension of PC-1600
– CE-162E interface
– PC-1500 Technical reference manual
– PC-1600 Service Manual version SME1
– 3 user manuals for software that I’m trying to get.
– 2 prototype cards for male connector.
– ZAMS-S user manual developed by Lukas.

These PC-1500 and PC-1600 contain something not trivial that I will reveal later here in the series of articles on Lukas Zeller.

A huge thank you to Lukas!

PC-1600 : industrial housing

You all know the standard PC-1500/1600 “leather” pouch.
It’s ok for common use.
But it’s unusable in industrial environment !

A company (don’t know which) has developed the perfect housing.
It can protect a PC-1600 and let the keyboard use.

You have two kinds of closing :
– One who definetly close the housing
– One who let access to I/O ports after removing a small trap door.

See the access for the power adapter

This housing is perfect for the PC-1500 too, excepting for the power adapter plug position.

Many versions of PC-1500 ? PC-1600 too !

Hey, we focused on the PC-1500 and PC-2 versions but do you know the PC-1600 versions ?
As this pocket is compatible with PC-1500 we can talk about it.

I have two PC-1600 but they are not exactly same.
Lets see the old version :
PC-1600 V1

and the new one :
PC-1600 V2

The memory place is different, as small board for the V1 and on CPU board for the V2.
If you look at the Technical Reference Manual you will have the first version :
PC-1600SCH V1

And if you look at the Service Manual there is the V2 :
PC-1600SCH V2

Are you looking for a screwdriver to open your precious PC-1600 ? 😉