Help needed

To all my readers :
Every day i’m happy to see how many of you are visiting this website. Thanks !
I hope you discover here some new informations about your favorite pocket computer. I’m french and then culturally chauvinistic (lol)… but in facts i’m not and the goal of my website it to remind the world story of the Sharp PC-1500/1600. After one year i’m still discovering each week new informations, news little stories… and hope this will not stop but this takes me hours and hours… But i’m sure you know some stories too, isn’t it ?


You can support my website by many ways and be actors in its story.
May i suggest you some ideas about what i need ?

  • Articles written by my readers (with pictures, software, schematics…)
  • Contacts from all over the world (Sharp employees from 80’s, companies, authors, club members, users…)
  • Informations about Sharp or pocket computer user’s clubs and their publications.
  • Advertisements in all kind of languages
  • Magazines with articles about the PC-1500/PC-1600
  • Books
  • Professional or amateur software
  • Pictures of your extensions (Professional or amateur)
  • Informations about industrial use (hardware/software) of our favorite computer
  • User manuals that i may not already have
  • Generous donors (materials, books…) like “Xavier Fojud”, “Lukas Zeller”, “Oscar Rysdyk”, “Ledudu” or you !


Here is a short list of what i’m currently looking for :

Papers :
Sharp Technical reports and Service informations… and all Sharp help as possible !

Magazines :
Pocket computer newsletter (US)
Computer Persönlich (DE)
Happy computer (DE)
Alles für Sharp (DE) from N°19 to last one.
Le Sharpentier N°1 to 5 and 10 (FR)
Status 1500 (UK)

Books :
Holtkötter PC-1500 System Handbuch
Holtkötter PC-1500/A System Handbuch

Hardware and manuals :
BMC Dr Schetter Puchheim
BMC MC-10 extension + User manual (DE or US)
BMC MC-12 user manual (DE or US)
BMC MC-12A user manual (DE or US)
Sharp CE-165 or CE-165W + user manual (programmer for CE-160 modules)
Gewa PC-1500 Programmer (DE)
HAUNE memory module SMM-22

Software :
JJ Taschencomputer Software, manuals and tapes or wav files (DE)
Minimicro software (Easi-Calc, Easi File, Easi-Trend, Easi-Cash…) and user manuals (UK)
Franzis Software Service

And all kind of materials to help to remind the Sharp PC-1500/1600 story

Some of those items can be used for exchange purposes to get new rare items.

Thank you very much !

3 thoughts on “Help needed

  1. Wolfgang Glaser

    in1985 (“beeing in the best years”) I bought a PC-1500 in Tokoyo – using nearly all my money at a buiness trip. Now, thirdy years after that, it works further in run-mode, but refused in pro-mode: Error 13 : CE-155 defect.
    Who knows,where to get a new one (or an old) – the grandchildren want to learn!
    With many thanks

  2. Robert

    Good afternoon!

    Do you have any of the CE-158’s left?

    I’d be interested in any other accessories you might have for the pc-1500 or pc-1600.

    If you do could you provide price with shipping to USA ZIP code 50266?

    Thank you.


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