Treasure inside !

We all have to say a very big thanks to Heiko E. !!!

Some months ago i saw the incredible Sharp CE-165 for sale on eBay.
I sent him a friendly email presenting this website and asked if he would accept to send me some pictures.
The result was over my expectations : picture of inside box.

His item is still for sale between 2000 and 3000 euro. But no power, no cable, no manual.

The hardware seems to be simple : the LH-5811 drives all the programming sequence and two ROM ICs add the commands to the PC-1500’s ROM.

Does someone have more informations ? The user manual ? The cable ?

5 thoughts on “Treasure inside !

  1. Don Gregory

    In 1994 I obtained a CE165 serial 3000002Y with cable, sorry no manual.
    The cable is flat and could be easily made out of connectors from a CE 150 and PC 1500
    Operation is simple, self explanatory once the computer is powered on.
    Built in program guides you through the process.

    1. Rom1500 Post author

      Thank you very much, Don !
      First i thought that the cable was something like for the CE-153 : 60->50.
      But you’re right, it’s a simple 60->60.
      The power adapter may be a simple CE-150 one.

      When reading your serial number i have a question : is the “Y” for Japan production ? and “X” for Chineese ?

      You would be very pleased if you want to write an article about this extension. 🙂

      1. Don Gregory

        I don’t know the meaning of the “Y”
        I venture a guess that the “3” is a code for year 1983.
        If that is the case then I have unit number 2.
        I have no Idea how many units were produced, but I bet it is not many!
        I got this one from an importer in eastern USA in 1994 when he was clearing out his Sharp inventory.
        Also acquired 30 or so CE-160 modules and a lot of other Sharp equipment.
        I’ll do some testing on my cable, I think only 30 of the 60 pins are used.

        1. Don Gregory

          Correction all 60 pins are used.
          The cable looks to have only 30 wires but it must be double sided.
          The connections are straight across from male to female connectors.

        2. Rom1500 Post author

          The first digit is the Year.
          I think that the last is something like the factory.
          And yes, you may have the second unit produced for Y

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