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TE-1507 : Prototype updated

Hi, In my PC-1500 i had problems with the first TE-1507 version using Xicor memory.
It was impossible to write something in an unprotected X28HC256.

The Team1560 needs were to have a big system RAM and a place to test system ROM extensions.
Done ! The TE-1507 is now working with 2 RAM ICs and the R/W protection is done by jumper.

Here are some pictures the prototype :





This one, number 3, is reserved for…….. ? Stay tuned 😉

The release version should be available in one month.

Generous donor : Oscar Rysdyk from Holland

At the beginning of December Oscar Rysdyk, from Holland, contacted me after finding my site by Google.
He wanted to offer me his own first hand PC-1500.
This one was purchased in the united states by his father.

Lets examine this PC-1500…
Do you see the serial number on the last picture ?
It don’t have any metallic grey paint.
This is same for all USA models, i think.

Thank you very much Oscar for this gift !

Oscar, you’re a photographer ! These pictures are very nice.

Sharp PC-1500 serial 100xxxxY one of the first ?

Just after Christmas my friend CGH was at home for a “PC-1500 day”.
We have talked, tinkered and exchanged some machines.
I’m proud to present you this one : the oldest PC-1500 i know !
(Except his one with a lower serial number)

Externally there is no change, it’s a PC-1500.
PC-1500-A01-1001_003 PC-1500-A01-1001_002

And on the back the only difference is the serial number :

But let’s opening the machine :
It’s strapped like a A01 ROM. Uh… these straps are white ! The first time i see one like this.

We can see on the SC613128 IC that it’s a A01 ROM.
The biggest white strap is mine, to repair a memory access problem.
Do you see the diodes on straps ? First time too…

Ok, more ?
The display board version is F2025, the oldest i know.

And the mode exciting, the CPU board !
There is no board revision !!!

If some of you have similar PC-1500, please, contact me to compare boards versions. 😉
And if you don’t have… this is a new quest !

NANFENG PC-1500A user manual (updated)

A special thanks to “W” for an incredible information about the NANFENG PC-1500A !
I copy here his message from my Guestbook :

“NANFENG PC-1500 is made by 830 Factory ,Kaili,Guizhou,P.R.C. in a brief honeymoon with U.S.A and Japan to counter CCCP, here is a picture of its manual: “

Thank you again, “W”, to share this information with my readers !

Update : The NANFENG manuals are a set of 3 


PC-1500 28Kb – Part 2

This PC-1500 is more than an updated version with huge memory amount and double-speed oscillator.
It’s one of the firsts samples of the A04 production.

In this picture you can see the ROM version on the SC613128 IC.
Do you remember the A03 versions ? They have blue straps… like here on the display board :

And now lets see under the memory extension…
The board shows many blue straps like the A01 and A03 versions :

Sure this is a rare item for collectors.
It’s serial number is 20024876.

Who owns a such collector version ?
Take a screwdriver and verify your PC-1500s 🙂

Thanks again to Lukas ZELLER for this gift.

The swiss adventure : Lukas ZELLER

As you understand my research to tell the story of the PC-1500 does not have borders.
I have many things from Germany. And my previous donor, Xavier Fojud brought me a link between France, Germany and Switzerland. In the latter I already had some contacts but the documents he had generously offered allowed me to connect some names.

Last week I received a gift of Lukas ZELLER.
He has been active Swiss side of the PC-1500 with his diary “Tips & Knife” and his assembler ZASM-S.
So here is his generous gift:


– PC-1500 Expanded to 28KB of RAM + switch to activate a 4Mhz quartz.
– PC-1600 the first version with integrated memory expansion to reach 96Kb.
– CE-150 Printer
– Sharp software modules CE-510A, 502A and 505A
– CE-155 modules whose components were removed to tinker extension of PC-1600
– CE-162E interface
– PC-1500 Technical reference manual
– PC-1600 Service Manual version SME1
– 3 user manuals for software that I’m trying to get.
– 2 prototype cards for male connector.
– ZAMS-S user manual developed by Lukas.

These PC-1500 and PC-1600 contain something not trivial that I will reveal later here in the series of articles on Lukas Zeller.

A huge thank you to Lukas!

Power adapter replacement for your Sharp PC-1500/CE-150/IWS…

Do you need a power adapter for your PC-1500/CE-150 or IWS adapter ?
The requirements are :
– 9V
– 110v/220V
– plug dimensions 5.5mm x 2.1mm
– Negative inside, positive outside

You can find matching power adapter on eBay for less than $3 shipping included.


Use the keywords : DC 9V 1A EU Negative inside

IWS Video adapter for the Sharp PC-1500 (Part 1)

Many of us have dreamed of this device!
But his selling price was 800DM did not make him accessible to all budgets.

It was designed by “Ingenieurbüro Walter Speidel” and sold a few hundred copies. To my knowledge the IWS is the only video interface for Sharp PC-1500.

So the mysterious listing we had:

IWS interface and PC-1500 connected to the TV IWS interface in it's original box

This peripheral offers the following features:
– Playback on TV with the resolution of 25×40 or 25×80 characters.
– Input / Output cassette
– Speaker Output

Opening the IWS video interface box Inputs and outputs of the IWS video interface for the PC-1500

The save/load with the tape are faster than Sharp instructions.

It is accompanied by a user manual in A5 size.
All is correctly described, the new Basic instructions, the memory organization, except the schematics.

IWS user manual
DOWNLOAD the user manual

And there exist a 3 page correction to it :

IWS user manual correction
DOWNLOAD the correction

It can connect directly to the PC-1500 but needs it’s only power adapter.

IWS video interface connected to the Sharp PC-1500 front view IWS video interface connected to the Sharp PC-1500 rear view

And to the printer :

IWS video interface connected to the Sharp CE-150 front view IWS video interface connected to the Sharp Sharp CE-150 rear view

Next time we will talk about hardware considerations…