Power adapter replacement for your Sharp PC-1500/CE-150/IWS…

Do you need a power adapter for your PC-1500/CE-150 or IWS adapter ?
The requirements are :
– 9V
– 110v/220V
– plug dimensions 5.5mm x 2.1mm
– Negative inside, positive outside

You can find matching power adapter on eBay for less than $3 shipping included.


Use the keywords : DC 9V 1A EU Negative inside

2 thoughts on “Power adapter replacement for your Sharp PC-1500/CE-150/IWS…

  1. HBE

    For the records:
    Note that if your replacement power supply can deliver (say) 1.5 Amp , you will no longer need the internal NiCd cells in the Ce-150. Because the stock power adapter only delivered a max. current of 500mA, those internal NiCd cells were required to be charged even for use with a power adapter plugged in (!!) to cover the peak current required during operation. Those internal NiCd cells last only so long and today you won’t find any CE-150 with cells that can still hold a significant charge. Either replace the cells or take them out and get a more potent power supply.

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