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CE-152 : Inside and problem solving

This morning i received a mail from an australian friend, Bronte, telling me about belts problems in his CE-152.
Do you have problems with your Sharp CE-152 or want to look inside ?

Someone explains this tape recorder better than i can do : www.petervis.com

You can find the belts on eBay. But some vendors are very expensive… search… search…
For example : this one in China or this one in UK

TRAMsoft Gmbh, Swiss know-how ! (part 3)

One of the biggest problems with the pocket computers was the place where to save programs. With the PC-1500 one solution was to get a big memory module like CE-161 or CE-163. The common system was the use of a tape recorder. But this was noisy and slow !

Reto and Thomas decided to design an interface between the PC-1500 and one product currently sold. Their choice was the Commodore floppy 1541. Maybe because it was packed with the power adapter ? And as they had enough space they added a 8bits parallel interface.

You can watch this in their website : TRAMsoft Floppy and // interface
And download the user manual in english : User manual

I have found an article extract from the german magazine Chip :
Download the full article

Here is a translation :
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Holtkötter PC-Software (RVS)

Do you remember RVS Gmbh ?
RVS means Rasso Von Schlichtegroll.
Everyone using PC-1500 in Germany know RVS, isn’t it ?
The RVS Macroassembler was a major tool for the PC-1500.

But do you remember the software suite sold by Holtkötter ?


The suite PC-SOFT include 7 titles :
– PC-CALC : Make calculations easy
– PC-WORK : All to work with memory modules and tapes
– PC-LEARN : Everything to learn machine language programming with the LH-5801
– PC-PROFI : The function’s library !
– PC-MACRO : The professional Macro Assembler
– PC-BASIC ’84 : The structured Basic like Pascal
– PC-FORTH : The Forth language from the “Forth Interest Group”


Do you need something else to get ready with your Sharp PC-1500 ?
A big memory module ! 🙂

Here is the catalog describing (In german language) each module of the PC-SOFT suite :