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TRAMsoft Gmbh, Swiss know-how ! (part 2)

On the last page of TRAMsoft advert we see “SRS Ing. R.W. Fankhauser” which was one of the best reseller for their modules.
One other was “GEWA COMPUTERS”.
(If some of you have informations about GEWA then please contact me)
Here is an extract from the GEWA catalog 2/84 :
(You can watch the prices on the red page.)



TRAMsoht TOOLs were very well known in Germany as showed by the following article :



Remember that you can have more informations about TOOLS on TRAMsoft website. And you can buy some available extensions too.
Manuals are available for download.

Next time i will show you their storage solution…

Holtkötter PC-Software (RVS)

Do you remember RVS Gmbh ?
RVS means Rasso Von Schlichtegroll.
Everyone using PC-1500 in Germany know RVS, isn’t it ?
The RVS Macroassembler was a major tool for the PC-1500.

But do you remember the software suite sold by Holtkötter ?


The suite PC-SOFT include 7 titles :
– PC-CALC : Make calculations easy
– PC-WORK : All to work with memory modules and tapes
– PC-LEARN : Everything to learn machine language programming with the LH-5801
– PC-PROFI : The function’s library !
– PC-MACRO : The professional Macro Assembler
– PC-BASIC ’84 : The structured Basic like Pascal
– PC-FORTH : The Forth language from the “Forth Interest Group”


Do you need something else to get ready with your Sharp PC-1500 ?
A big memory module ! 🙂

Here is the catalog describing (In german language) each module of the PC-SOFT suite :