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Sharp PC-1500 serial 100xxxxY one of the first ?

Just after Christmas my friend CGH was at home for a “PC-1500 day”.
We have talked, tinkered and exchanged some machines.
I’m proud to present you this one : the oldest PC-1500 i know !
(Except his one with a lower serial number)

Externally there is no change, it’s a PC-1500.
PC-1500-A01-1001_003 PC-1500-A01-1001_002

And on the back the only difference is the serial number :

But let’s opening the machine :
It’s strapped like a A01 ROM. Uh… these straps are white ! The first time i see one like this.

We can see on the SC613128 IC that it’s a A01 ROM.
The biggest white strap is mine, to repair a memory access problem.
Do you see the diodes on straps ? First time too…

Ok, more ?
The display board version is F2025, the oldest i know.

And the mode exciting, the CPU board !
There is no board revision !!!

If some of you have similar PC-1500, please, contact me to compare boards versions. 😉
And if you don’t have… this is a new quest !