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Xavier FOJUD and his RENUM program

Some time ago when scanning a stack of documents relating to PC-1500 I found a mail with the name “Xavier FOJUD”. I knew the name, I read something in a magazine …

It was addressed, in German language, to Bernd and spoke of a listing in Hexa.
Bernd ? Fischel ? Alles für Sharp computer ?
So I let it on top of the stack.

FOJUD_Original 1 FOJUD_Original 2

Two months later I took the letter and did research on the web: I got an address and email.
Continuing my scans I also found in the magazine “Alles für Sharp Pocket Computer” some posts made by that person.

AFSC 3 12 AFSC 4 27

Here is his letter as published in “PC-1500 Zeintung” N°15:

PC-1500 Zeitung 15 12

So I sent him a message explaining my passion, a link to my site and asking if he had information that might be helpful … etc.

The answer came, warm, expressing surprise amused.
You think, 30 years after the mail!

This person is the author of the familiar RENUM program (ML) that appeared in “L’Ordinateur de Poche” N°19 and of the “Landscape print” (ML).
With his brother they were quite active around the pocket. He shared a lot with the German club Sharp (PC-1500 Zeitung), “Alles für Sharp Pocket Computer” and The Pocket Computer.

FOJUD_Renum1 FOJUD_Renum2

Last week I got a package (that he generously offered me as a gift) containing beautiful things (books, tapes, magazines) that will enrich your content. (After author’s permission for certain books or documents)
I renew my sincere thanks to Xavier !


ML = Machine language