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How many cases do you know for the PC-1500 + CE-150 ?


How many cases, pouches, briefcases do you know for the “PC-1500 + CE-150” ?
Sharp branded or from other companies.
Can you post links to the pictures as comment ?

I know 7 :
– 1 official Sharp “CE-150 + PC-1500” for most of the countries.
– 1 official Sharp “PC-1500RP + PC-1500RP2” for Brasil
– 2 official Hiradastechnika for “KA-160 + PTA-4000” and “KA-160 + PTA-4000+16”
– 1 official Radio Shack for the PC2 and it’s printer
– 1 from a french company for “CE-150 + PC-1500”
– 1 special from Japan. Only 50 were built.

Thank you !

Your Sharp CE-150 needs repair ?

The main problem on CE-150 is the battery pack.
This item needs to be kept in charge.
But after years in your attic…

The battery pack leaks and can damage the electronic board.
Sharp did a mistake when designing the CE-150.
Without battery pack the printer is unusable except for tape operations.

Do you want to repair it ?

Look at this video tutorial offered by Kai :

And bookmark his very interesting website !


The CE-150 is part of PC-1500’s success.
In 1981 getting a plotter for pocket computer was an event.
4 colors, with tape input/output, full expansion bus… all to make the PC-1500 a powerful system.

CE-150_001 CE-150_002
CE-150_003 CE-150_005
CE-150_008 CE-150_009
CE-150_010 CE-150_011
CE-150_007 CE-150_012