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BMC : The MC-12 (Part I)

This is MC-12A’s little brother in size and expandability.
It’s more compact and feel more robust.

And it can be stored and used in the CE-150 case

As you can see it’s not designed to be used without the CE-150. The main I/O are present.
BMC_MC-12_004 BMC_MC-12_005
BMC_MC-12_006 BMC_MC-12_007

But there is no other I/O connectors except power ones.

No V24 or digital I/O expansion port.

Next time we will open the case 😉

BMC : The MC-12A (Part III)

Let’s go for the technical view.

You can first download this advert in german language :
Download advert

Data acquisition unit combined with BASIC pocket computer
• Comfortable operating system, so easy to program
• Standard programs for numerous applications
• Manufacturer support for new special programs
• Universally applicable (network and battery)
• Simultaneous data acquisition and conversion on 5 channels
• Multiple data processing and analysis
• Sturdy case with integrated system components (6.5 kg)
• Steel box or Standard 19″ case for stationary use
• Extremely cost-effective overall system

Digital Multimeter
Data recorder
Transient recorder
Functions generator
Data analyzer
Regulation / control unit
5 input channels
2 analog outputs
4 CMOS switch
2 output relays
24 pol. l / O port
V.24 interface
LCD display
Printer / Plotter
8 KB of internal RAM
32KB (max) prog
360KB tape

BMC : The MC-12A (Part II)

The BMC’s ROM is copyrighted RVS, Rasso Von Schlichtegroll !
This is a very good surprise, isn’t it ?

Then we have a very nice software to drive the BMC hardware.
The system brings us these new instructions :
MC-12A Basic instructions and codes

INIT (E390)SWITCH (E380)
Do you have the user manual ? This would help me a lot 😉

The last two (POSTLOAD, RVSLOAD) have special functions.
RVSLOAD loads a sample program originally stored in the ROM :
(Thanks to my new tools for the CE-158 with syntax highlighter)

But if you use POSTLOAD the program is bigger !
Download this program : MC-12A_Forth_Full.TXT

As a big bonus, here is the user manual for the FORTH language :
Download this manual : BMC_MC-12_Forth.pdf

Next time we will discover the MC-12A technical side.
This will be a little boring but necessary.

CE-158 : Do you need some tool ?

Do you need some tool to use easily your CE-158 ?
My new software is now in BETA version and will be soon available.

Features ?
Communicate with your CE-158 using CSAVE, CSAVEM, CSAVEr, CSAVEa formats.
Application menu reflects your directories for .BAS and .BIN files.
Syntax editor with completion and code snippets.

Currently testing the BETA 0.1 and all works great.

Features to include ?
Data exchange with PRINT.
Basic decode routines when using CSAVE

Do you want some other features ?

BMC : The MC-12A (PartI)

The MC-12A, the most advanced acquisition tool.
As you can see, it fits perfectly with the PC-1500/CE-150 system.

What can this do ?
– Digital Multimeter -5V to +5V
– Data logger
– Transient
– Fonctions generator
– Data analyzer
– Regulation/Control unit

How can it communicate ?
– 5 input channels
– 2 analog outputs
– 4 CMOS switch
– 2 output relays
– 24 pol. l / O port
– V.24 interface
– 60 pins connector to PC-1500 or CE-150

It’s a strong tool, isn’t it ? It’s as wide as the CE-150.
BMC_MC-12A_004 BMC_MC-12A_005

The power supply adapter EA-150 is plugged directly in the MC-12A and is transferred to the CE-150 with a grey cable.
A very nice idea !

Removing the CE-150 is not really easy. You have to remove 2 screws and move the printer to separate it.
BMC_MC-12A_008 BMC_MC-12A_007

DO you see the white tube on the metal plate ? It goes directly to a hole under the CE-150.

Here is the CE-150 connector :

Now let’s opening the MC-12A and see inside.
There are some options installed. A really good thing ? All the ICs are on sockets ! Easy repairing…
There is a place on the left with corroded marks. It’s the battery.
The whole system can be used out of 110/220v ! You can take it and go on site.

Let’s open a bit more… there is a RAM and a ROM. Two sockets are unused for future extension.

The ROM IC will give you a really good surprise… stay tuned…

Sharp CE-158 : a few ones for sale

I have some of the rare CE-158 for sale.

Description :
– Used item.
– Last hardware version and clean boards.
– New battery pack 720mA/h (directly soldered because the connector was corroded)
– New power adapter 9v 1A, positive outside.
– New RS232C cable 9F/25M as described in my previous article
– Documentation can be downloaded here.
– No metal plates.

Prices :
With some light marks : 99 euro (must add shipping costs) (4 left)
– With some marks or scratches on the cover : 89 euro (must add shipping costs) (3 left)
With some lot of marks on the cover : 79 euro (must add shipping costs) (0 left)

Use the contact form…

Pictures of one with light marks :





Sharp CE-158 : Hardware side (Part 4)

It’s now time to open the box.

The CE-158 is a nice extension with a multi-board construction.
On the bottom there is the main electronic board with the LH5801 multi i/o IC.
On the middle there is the RS-232C interface.
And on the top there is the Centronics interface.
The battery pack is 500mA/h 4,8v.

I know two versions of the CE-158 but don’t know the differences

Here are the Sharp specifications :

And the Service manual :


I have found the connexion cable for 2 CE-158 in a chinese book :

Sharp CE-158 : Tandy RS-232C interface (Part 3)

As for the PC-2 Tandy’s choice was to make the difference : RS-232C but but parallel interface.
This was a manner to reduce price.

I don’t know anything about the original packaging but all accessories are same.
The manual is smaller, the keyboard mask adapted to the geometric keyboard.

Tandy_RS232C_005 Tandy_RS232C_007

And the is no difference when connected to the black printer :
Tandy_RS232C_026 Tandy_RS232C_021

Here is the manual :

Next time i will show you the hardware of booth interface versions.
Stay tuned…