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BMC : The MC-12 (Part I)

This is MC-12A’s little brother in size and expandability.
It’s more compact and feel more robust.

And it can be stored and used in the CE-150 case

As you can see it’s not designed to be used without the CE-150. The main I/O are present.
BMC_MC-12_004 BMC_MC-12_005
BMC_MC-12_006 BMC_MC-12_007

But there is no other I/O connectors except power ones.

No V24 or digital I/O expansion port.

Next time we will open the case 😉

BMC : The MC-12A (Part III)

Let’s go for the technical view.

You can first download this advert in german language :
Download advert

Data acquisition unit combined with BASIC pocket computer
• Comfortable operating system, so easy to program
• Standard programs for numerous applications
• Manufacturer support for new special programs
• Universally applicable (network and battery)
• Simultaneous data acquisition and conversion on 5 channels
• Multiple data processing and analysis
• Sturdy case with integrated system components (6.5 kg)
• Steel box or Standard 19″ case for stationary use
• Extremely cost-effective overall system

Digital Multimeter
Data recorder
Transient recorder
Functions generator
Data analyzer
Regulation / control unit
5 input channels
2 analog outputs
4 CMOS switch
2 output relays
24 pol. l / O port
V.24 interface
LCD display
Printer / Plotter
8 KB of internal RAM
32KB (max) prog
360KB tape