Frank C. Odds : “STATUS 1500”, the U.K. magazine

One year ago, when i contacted Frank C. Odds, i was looking for informations about the EASI-THOUGHT program. I asked him if he knew a U.K. magazine named STATUS 1500 and here is his answer :

When I received your email, I looked to see if I still had PC 1500 materials anywhere. I quickly found all the catalogues and other bits and pieces, and several copies of Output. But no copies of Status 1500. It was with Status 1500 that my PC 1500 love affair really got going. And I’m pretty sure it was Ronald Cohen who edited that magazine: he wrote just one article in one of my copies of Output. And Output was edited from Yorkshire (Jon Dakeyne was succeeded by Andrew Faint).

I hope I haven’t discarded my copies of Status 1500. I had a complete set and I don’t usually throw away things that have meant a lot to me. I hope this magazine is not the exception to that rule. If I can find my copies I’ll scan them for you.

But one month later came his terrific sentence :

My biggest frustration is that I can’t find my copies of Status 1500 anywhere. I begin to think I must have thrown them away at some stage, even though to do so would go against my normal retentive behaviour!!

Yes, it was terrific because Frank was my biggest chance to learn something about this magazine. But there was some words in his answer i didn’t read that much : “…would go against my normal retentive behavior !!” And one year later he send me an email with this title “Guess what I’ve found!”.
This was like Archimede’s “EUREKA” ! I open the mail and the big good news is inside :

“I think this mail is going to give you a happy Saturday morning. I have found my collection of the Status 1500 magazines, from Vol. 1 no. 1, February 1983 to Vol. 3 no. 12, January 1986.”

We have to say a big “THANK YOU FRANK !!!”
One big part of the PC-1500’s U.K. adventure is now saved.
After hours of scans he offers us all the STATUS 1500 collection.

But i publish them only 6 by 6 😉 (Like Alles für Sharp Computer)
If you know a such magazine in your country please contact me.


512KB Memory Expansion Module for SHARP PC-1600 by Tom

After my PC-1500 memory module which need some corrections, i’m very proud to present you this incredible 512KB memory module for the PC-1600 built by Tom.
The best thing to do is to let Tom explain it :

At the beginning of 2014 I rediscovered the fascination of the vintage SHARP pocket computers. My very first computer was indeed a PC-1500/CE-150 which I found somewhere deep down in my storage. And it was still working (except the rechargeable battery of course)!

In the 80s, when I was a boy, however the PC-1600/CE-1600P was a dream, but too expensive for me by magnitudes. So I was lucky to buy one from ebay. Since I’m a computer scientist, I was interested to treat that machine like an embedded system using a modern software dev environment and the sdcc/Z80 C-compiler. I succeeded, but soon noticed that the RAM-disk was too small, even on a 32KB+64KB config.

So I searched for custom vintage Tramsoft and Bajic 256KB modules, but couldn’t get one.
That was the point, when I decided to build my own. Luckily I found the homepage of Kai Bader, who kindly offered me one of his breakout boards and I started experimenting with SRAM ICs.
The hard part for me was to decode the PC-1600 vertical bank switch of slot 2, but finally I got my first 256KB RAM module in my hands.

Technical Data (rev 1 – sold out)
* 256KB RAM module with low power SRAM chip
* 32KB can optionally be reserved as a main memory extension, the rest is used as RAM-disk
* No battery buffer

I send one to Kai and he posted it on his website. Allmost immediately I was contacted by Eric – the owner of this great site – who had some clever suggestions for technical improvements and organized a poll at the enthusiasts forum for a revision 2 of the board.
Since my first version had a 512KB SRAM chip on board of which “only” 256KB was used, the main improvement was to provide a 2x256KB mode and a 512KB mode.
It was clear soon that the 512KB harware mode was not supported by the PC-1600 INIT-command, but after some fiddling about I managed to write a patch routine that overcomes this problem.
And that was the birth of the first 512KB RAM module for the SHARP PC-1600.

Technical Data (rev 2 – sold out)
* as rev 1 but 3 modes of operation:
– 256KB mode, without need of any additional init software or peeks/pokes
– 2x256KB mode, with two banks 256KB each – to be switched by an additional hardware switch
– 512KB mode, needs an additional custom patch routine to get that mode running
* Battery buffer not included, but a description for mod available.

For more details see

Technical Data (rev 3 – planned)
* as rev 2 but with (better) battery buffer support incorporated

Thanx again Eric for your support and this very informative and entertaining site.

Thank you Tom for this module !
My friends from Silicium and me are happy with our 512KB PC-1600 🙂

>Click to download the full module description <<


My iPad3 as a CE-154 ?

I had to buy a cover for my iPad but didn’t find any matching my needs.
But on “” there was the perfect item : strong with personalization with my own design.

Here is the result :


It’s perfect to store my manuals and documentations 🙂

User manuals for the Hiradastechnika PTA-4000, PTA-4000+16 and KA160

Nowhere else you can find these rare manuals !
Please don’t share them elsewhere, put only the link to this page.

These manuals are for :
– PTA-4000 pocket computer
– PTA-4000+16 pocket computer
– KA-160 printer

Manuals HULink
Add-on for PTA-4000+16

If you download something from this website, please, feel free to let a comment or message.

TE-1507 : The memory module for developers !

Hello !

The TE-1507 memory module is now in my PC-1500 !
This module offers a very wide memory space for developers.

It was initially planned to have RAM and EEProm but due to a bad EEProm lot… it’s now full RAM.

Standard memory for Basic/ML :
– from &0000 to &3FFF
– 2 x 16KB switchable by PV or PU (jumper to select active signal)
– read only by removing a jumper
– disabled by removing a jumper

EEProm memory (here it’s RAM) for ML only as system/peripheral ROM extension:
– from &8000 to &BFFF
– 2 x 16KB switchable by PU (as in the CE-158 interface)
– set by jumper if it’s in the PV=0 (like CE-150) or PV=1 (like CE-158 or CE-162E) memory space
– read only by removing a jumper
– disabled by removing a jumper

The two memory addresses can be inverted by placing the enable jumpers on the switch positions (90° move)

Here are the pictures :





This module will be a very good investment to expand your PC-1500(A) !
The Team1560 member CGH is working on a ROM builder to add Basic keywords from a wide library. Cool, isn’t it ?

The price for this special module is $75 without shipping costs.