Frank C. Odds : “STATUS 1500”, the U.K. magazine

One year ago, when i contacted Frank C. Odds, i was looking for informations about the EASI-THOUGHT program. I asked him if he knew a U.K. magazine named STATUS 1500 and here is his answer :

When I received your email, I looked to see if I still had PC 1500 materials anywhere. I quickly found all the catalogues and other bits and pieces, and several copies of Output. But no copies of Status 1500. It was with Status 1500 that my PC 1500 love affair really got going. And I’m pretty sure it was Ronald Cohen who edited that magazine: he wrote just one article in one of my copies of Output. And Output was edited from Yorkshire (Jon Dakeyne was succeeded by Andrew Faint).

I hope I haven’t discarded my copies of Status 1500. I had a complete set and I don’t usually throw away things that have meant a lot to me. I hope this magazine is not the exception to that rule. If I can find my copies I’ll scan them for you.

But one month later came his terrific sentence :

My biggest frustration is that I can’t find my copies of Status 1500 anywhere. I begin to think I must have thrown them away at some stage, even though to do so would go against my normal retentive behaviour!!

Yes, it was terrific because Frank was my biggest chance to learn something about this magazine. But there was some words in his answer i didn’t read that much : “…would go against my normal retentive behavior !!” And one year later he send me an email with this title “Guess what I’ve found!”.
This was like Archimede’s “EUREKA” ! I open the mail and the big good news is inside :

“I think this mail is going to give you a happy Saturday morning. I have found my collection of the Status 1500 magazines, from Vol. 1 no. 1, February 1983 to Vol. 3 no. 12, January 1986.”

We have to say a big “THANK YOU FRANK !!!”
One big part of the PC-1500’s U.K. adventure is now saved.
After hours of scans he offers us all the STATUS 1500 collection.

But i publish them only 6 by 6 😉 (Like Alles für Sharp Computer)
If you know a such magazine in your country please contact me.


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