PC-1500’s industrial use from Spitezenberger Spies

Maybe some of you could explain us what this system is doing ?

The German company SPITZENBERGER was using the Sharp PC-1500A in one of their systems.
It seems to be an advanced signal recorder but i don’t have more informations than the pdf.
This document is restored from old papers.
I have contacted the company but never got any answer…

Download the pdf document

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  1. Sinisa


    Prufkoofer fur Distanzschutzrelais is a system for testing protective relays used by the company for transmission of electricity. Relay like REL670 – Transmission line distance protection – ABB or
    Distance Protection 7SA522 – Siemens.
    The new relays are tested by special devices such as Omicron CMC 356.

    Best regards,


  2. K Helke /Finland

    I have original PC1500
    I bought 1985-87 Rasso Von Schlichtegroll’s assembler software. I don’t have no more any cassette machine to load the software.

    I have also CE158 RS232 adapter. Thus, if anybody would have that software, I could legally receive that software packet and reload it to my SHARP PC1500. I am planning to give my computer with that specific software to a local computer museum. They have old PCs still working.

  3. Stefan T.

    Hey just got a PC-1500 from a friend and came across your blog while I was doing some research on it. Since I’m German I think I can give you some information on what that document says:

    I only read the front page, and it seems to be a kit for automated tests of protective relays. Must have been a pretty amazing thing back then 😀

    1. Rom1500 Post author

      Hallo Stefan !
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂
      As you see i have lot of papers in German and you may find lot of information to use your PC-1500.
      I lived in Germany (long time ago) i can understand something i those papers.
      But speaking… uh… “‘ten abend… zweimal Guyros, zweimal pomfrit’ und zwo bier bitte !”

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