The Sharp CE-515P printers (Part II) : European/US version opening the box

The box don’t have the classic PC-1500 peripherals brown look.
It’s the for the next generation, the PC-1600, and have a nice blue color.
The parcel looks strong and the printer seems to be well protected.

Sharp_CE-515P_002 Sharp_CE-515P_001

The inside part is made of two blocs of polystyrene. The user manual is on the top.

And on the top bloc we discover places for a paper roll and 3 pens sets. Nice idea !
Sharp_CE-515P_005 Sharp_CE-515P_006

Removing the top bloc… and the big graphic color printer is here with it’s power adapter.

Here are all items included in the box… but the transparent cover is not on the picture.

Next time we will open the printer 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Sharp CE-515P printers (Part II) : European/US version opening the box

  1. Konrad


    When would be the time you open the printer ? 😉

    Although I am rather interested in the C= stuff, I also have CE150+PC1500 and CE516P (no manual though…). CE516P seems to be an improved version of the 515, I am wondering what are the differences. I think 515 has some EPROM under the trapdoor ? 516 does not even have a place on the PCB for this.

    I dumped the EPROMs (2 x 2764) yesterday and also analysed the main MCU (HD68B03XP) and 8255 connections so I know (more or less) what lines are driving the stepper motors, what is connected to the parallel port, DIP switches and the front panel keys).

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