New in the family : PC-1500 RP2 !

Hi all,

What am i talking about ???
A new PC-1500 in the family ???
Sure ???


Here is it, the new one !
He comes from Brazil but don’t play soccer 😉
Now the pictures…

The printer’s case looks like PC-1500’s one.
PC-1500_RP2_001 PC-1500_RP2_010

All is in same places but the interior is different. Do you see what i mean ?
Yep, the CE-150 is still have the blue protection sheets.
PC-1500_RP2_003 PC-1500_RP2_017

Here you better see the difference between this one and the others.
Interior is luxurious !!!
Here is the official name : PC-1500 RP2
PC-1500_RP2_009 PC-1500_RP2_016

And see the pouch, different too.
It opens with two parts. One the classic one there is only one large part covering the front side.
The Velcro place is different.
PC-1500_RP2_027 PC-1500_RP2_028

Here is now the pocket’s back with the label.
And… do you see the memory module ? 😉
And… the CE-150 is called PC-1500RP
PC-1500_RP2_022 PC-1500_RP2_029

The last things i have to find for this new one are the official manuals and box.
If someone have the two manuals for offer or sale then please use the contact form. 🙂

You can read some info in this pdf file :

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