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All you want to know about internal ROM

Pocket Computer Newsletter : Part I, issues 13 to 28

That’s crazy, i can’t find the “Pocket Computer Newsletter” magazines anywhere !
But i have some articles about the PC-1500 extracted from it.

Here is the first part with issues 13 to 28.
You’ll find issue number at the bottom of each page.


If you own the original magazines, please, contact me.
Maybe would you accept to offer it, sell it or send high quality scans…

Sharp Technical Reference Manual

The blue bible, well known as the TRM !
It was the graal for users in the 80’s.
Here is it, as a PDF file (OCR) with a separate file for the schematics.

All manuals are scanned from my own materials.
If you have some of the missing manuals (or not in this list) to offer (or sell) please tell me.
If you download something, please feel free to write a little comment.


Download schematics

PC-1500 : The Book of the Grail

Who has not wanted to know exactly what happens in the machine?
I remember rumors that spoke of an amazing book in which we could understand everything … on the PC-1600.
Oh yes, I searched long and I abandoned my quest for the Grail.

6 months ago, a friend offered me some books on the PC-1500.
He told me “there is a book with commented ROM listing.”
I thought it was for the PC-1600 but he told me the title: PC-1500 Intern
What?? For the PC-1500?? Great!

Wow, what a thrill opening my package and discovering this book among other treasures …
Here it is:

PC-1500 Intern

the book and the patch sheets
PC-1500-Intern add

A sample page :
PC-1500-Intern 133