TRAMsoft Gmbh, Swiss know-how ! (part 2)

On the last page of TRAMsoft advert we see “SRS Ing. R.W. Fankhauser” which was one of the best reseller for their modules. One other was “GEWA COMPUTERS”. (If some of you have informations about GEWA then please contact me) Here is an extract from the GEWA catalog 2/84 : (You can watch the prices […]

TRAMsoft Gmbh, Swiss know-how ! (part 1)

In the 80s we saw a lot of things appear for the Sharp PC-1500. Listings, tapes, memory modules and Eprom … and rare extensions. In 1983 a company was established in Switzerland by two young graduates of technical high school “Technikum Winterthur” Reto Ambühler and Thomas Müller. With their initials they named their company TRAMsoft. […]

Happy birthday !!!

Happy birthday to my little website dedicated to the incredible Sharp PC-1500 !!! All the family is here for this event : Row 1: Sharp PC-1500 (US, EU) , Sharp PC-1500 RP2 (Brazil) Row 2: Sharp PC-1500 (JP), Sharp PC-1500D (JP) Row 3: Hiradastechnika PTA-4000, Hiradastechnika PTA-4000+16 Row 4: Sharp PC-1500A (US, EU), Sharp PC-1501 […]

The Swiss adventure continue…

We started the story with the Swiss company TRAMsoft. Now we continue with other names: Lukas Zeller, Stephan Paschedag Urs Ribi, Marco Feusi … By sorting a stack of papers I found a very interesting magazine written in German by Lukas Zeller and Stephan Paschedag. On the first volume there was a sticker with the […]