Happy birthday !!!

Happy birthday to my little website dedicated to the incredible Sharp PC-1500 !!!

All the family is here for this event :

Row 1: Sharp PC-1500 (US, EU) , Sharp PC-1500 RP2 (Brazil)
Row 2: Sharp PC-1500 (JP), Sharp PC-1500D (JP)
Row 3: Hiradastechnika PTA-4000, Hiradastechnika PTA-4000+16
Row 4: Sharp PC-1500A (US, EU), Sharp PC-1501 (JP)
Row 5: Nanfeng PC-1500A, Radio Shack PC-2

But this first year was very rich in lot of points.

The most important are the persons :
Christophe GOTTHEIMER and Rémy ROUVIN members of the PC-1560 team.
RB my friend from holland.
Reto AMBÜHLER (Swiss, TRAMsoft company).
Xavier FOJUD (France, author of RENUM in machine language, generous donor).
Lukas ZELLER (Swiss, author of PC-1500 Tips & Knife, generous donor).
Frank C. ODDS (England, author of EASI-THOUGH, PROBE! and many other software, generous donor and contributor).
Ian TRAYNOR (England, Minimicro company).
My friends for the french forum www.Silicium.org.
My friends on the link page
And all the visitors…

I still have lot of informations to provide about the PC-1500 story, stay tuned !

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