PC-1500, one of the first EU/US version with A01 ROM

If was hard to find it but here is it : one of the first EU/US version with A01 ROM.

This one is in a mint state. Lucky guy, isn’t it ?
On the front side nothing can distinguish it from the successors…


On the back no more difference. But if you look closely on the serial number there is a big difference : it begins by “20000…” and ends with 892. This one is in the first 1000 sold items. For the Japan version you will have to find a serial number beginning by “1”

PC-1500_A01_002 PC-1500_A01_003

Inside we see lot of blue wire straps. It happens sometimes in the early A03 versions.

PC-1500_A01_004 PC-1500_A01_007

Let’s look closely on the boards…
The CPU board has lot of errors. On the keyboard/display board you can see the SC613128 ROM IC with A01 on it.

PC-1500_A01_006 PC-1500_A01_005

Now we remove the board from the front side.
The display board revision is F2075

PC-1500_A01_009 PC-1500_A01_010

And we do same with the CPU board and see F2076.


I will soon make same with the other versions.
See Sharp Technical Reports for ROM differences :

And same with the printers because they have many revisions and at least 2 ROM versions

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