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Paper ? Sharp, Tandy or unbranded ?

With our printers we printed hundreds of meters listings.
Everyone remembers So these little paper rolls?
Okay, did you know these 3 models?

EMI_2856 - Version 2

We have:
– The Tandy box with its blue color which contains 6 rolls
– Sharp box ROL-P-38 containing 5 rolls
– The box unmarked ROL-P-38, which also contains 5 rolls

But look a little closer these rolls …

To the right we have the Sharp left and the Tandy and unbranded.
The length of paper appears to be identical.
But there are two conspicuous differences:
– The color of the paper.
– The red band indicates the end of paper.


There really is a difference in quality!

Do you know any other packaging for these rolls?
If this is the case thank you send me a message.

Many versions of PC-1500 ? PC-1600 too !

Hey, we focused on the PC-1500 and PC-2 versions but do you know the PC-1600 versions ?
As this pocket is compatible with PC-1500 we can talk about it.

I have two PC-1600 but they are not exactly same.
Lets see the old version :
PC-1600 V1

and the new one :
PC-1600 V2

The memory place is different, as small board for the V1 and on CPU board for the V2.
If you look at the Technical Reference Manual you will have the first version :
PC-1600SCH V1

And if you look at the Service Manual there is the V2 :
PC-1600SCH V2

Are you looking for a screwdriver to open your precious PC-1600 ? 😉