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CE-165 W Specifications

Yes, you have correctly read the title !
I have informations about the unfindable PC-1500 extension : the CE-165W !


Many of us have long sought this device without finding anything.
But luckily a friend had a few pages stapled, lost in a pile of documents.

What is the CE-165 W ?
This is not an EPROM programmer.
I guess you are disappointed …
But it is actually a programmer for the CE-160 modules.
It can program 16 once.
The verification phase is done by module.

You can download all 4 pages of specifications by Sharp.
CE-165 specifications.pdf

I will speak later of the CE-160 and we will detail its operation.
Ah, many sites say that its capacity is 16Kb … but this is false, it is 7.8 Kb.

Please, note that the CE-165W needs a CE-155 module plugged inside the PC-1500.
The pocket computer must have enough memory to store the source program.

If you want to share these informations please share the link to this page. Thanks.