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Donation ?

Hello dear visitors,

My site tries to gather all the information on the fantastic machine that was the handheld Sharp PC-1500 and its various versions.

To advance this work I need your help.
I’m not talking about donations “money” but documentation, books, hardware, software, plug-ins, accessories Sharp, Tandy … etc to complement this collection and also serve me for trade.

For example, Tandy sold a lot of software for the TRS-80 PC2 (Radioshack Tandy) but I found only rarely.
Besides my Tandy PC2 is not the best form and if someone has one to offer I agree 🙂

There is also the original boxes that I miss. Perhaps you have in your attic?
User manuals?

As you understand, anything can interest me and use me to advance this site.

I listen to your suggestions 🙂

Thank you to you.