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CN-2000 : One navigation system for the Sharp PC-1500

If you loose your way ask your PC-1500 !

Here is a small navigation system for the PC-1500 : the CN-2000 from InfoCenter, Inc.
CN-2000 Celestial navigation
EMI_2142 EMI_2143

It’s stored in a very nice wood box.
The CN-2000 can be plugged to a PC-1500 or PC-1500A.
You have a module to connect on the 60 pins connector and a user manual.
EMI_2147 EMI_2148

The module is in a plastic box.
EMI_2149 EMI_2150

But when you open the box… you are far away from a professional system !
The box is not closed by the screws, it’s closed by some silicon glue.
The 4 screws are very short and fixed by the same glue.
And the board looks like self made but not pro with green paint.
EMI_2151 EMI_2152

The program is BASIC and stored in the EPROM. It’s read protected for common users.

Here is the user manual :

If you want to read more about navigation with this module there is “The navigator’s newsletter”
Go to the Newsletter archives…

And i have found a small paper in the Yatching magazine talking about the CN-2000 :
CN-2000 Yatching Oct 88 - 30 CN-2000 Yatching Oct 88 - 31