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BMC : The MC-10, a pocket version but powerful

This is the smallest of the BMC MC-1X family.
I only have a copy oh an old advertisement but it’s enough to discover it’s power :

Here is a translation…with errors… :

Measurement data central processing unit (32KB operating system) for detecting voltages of 12-bit resolution, 8KB measured data, with the following variants:
MC-10.2 2 voltage inputs
MC-10.2A 2 voltage inputs + V.24 interface
MC-10.4 4 voltage inputs
MC-10.4a 4 voltage inputs + V.24 interface
PC1500A SHARP BASIC · Computer 8.5KB • 24 KB RAM, 16KB ROM
Connection options: 2 or 4 measuring sensors, trigger switch,
CE 150 printer / plotter, CE 516P A4 plotter (A type required).
Cassette recorder CE 152, external computer (A-TYP required)

Numerical and analogue display of voltage values ​​or by any transformation vice-calculated values ​​(eg, ° C, dB).
MULTIMETER the LCD display: Mitteiwert, amplitude bar, Max Minmarken channel value

The measured values ​​present and conversions are recorded by pressing a button or automatically saved and the time is given.

Transients recorder
Once signals (transients, pulses) and denominated signals can be stored with sampling rates from 33 ms to any size.
Triggering can be timed by an adjustable threshold is exceeded, or via the built-in quartz or manually.

The capacity of the Meßdatenspeichers ranges for 3600 measured values. Use the integrated fast data storage (Option MC · 10.S6) on the tape recorder CE 152 (C60) up to 160,000 readings can be stored.

To evaluate the signal of each measured point on the display can be viewed or printed in a table. The graphical output of the signal from the printer / plotter CE 150 (small format) or CE 516 P (A4) with the support of a comfortable Plotterprogramms (option MC · 10.S5) possible (custom lettering, scale, etc. s.1 . page).

Inputs: 2 or 4 differential voltage inputs.
12 bits (0.025%), ± 4V, external, trigger, sampling time: 30ms to any length

Memory: 3600 measured values ​​in the battery-MC · 10 (on cassette 160,000 measured values)
Protection Power. : About PC1500A up to 35 hours of measurement.. in standby up to 100 hours.
Dimensions: MC10 400g, 105x86x27mm ^ 3
MC10 + PC1500 900g, 300x86x27mm ^ 3

The Syslem allows free programming with 40 additional BASIC commands (MC-10 Meßbasic Copyright RVS), so that any possible automatic acquisition and processing of measured values ​​is possible. BMC is to assist in the creation of special application programs. The programs may also be developed on a PC. Program and data are exchanged between the PC and MC · 10 (V.24).

With fast, accurate measurement tasks to be performed automatically or manually • Mains independent • The MC-10 system avoids measurement and transmission errors. It is time · and money.

Download the advertisement

Well, i don’t have anymore informations about these systems.
I hope that you have found interesting things in these articles and would be pleased to read your comments.
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