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CE-150 cases part II : for specific countries

The classic case exists in two countries Hungary and Brazil.

In Hungary we have two versions for the Hiradastechnika company.
They are very closed to the Sharp but with some differences.

For the PTA-4000 the color is between brown and orange and the plastic fell low-cost.

And the inside zone delimiters are only welded at the bottom, nothing on the sides.

For the PTA-4000+16 it’s the classic brown color

With the same problem for the separators

And here are the two in the same pictures :

For Brazil it a luxurious case, like a jewel case ! My preferred !

There is a special compartment for a memory module.

CE-150 cases part I : classic ones

We all have this accessory with our CE-150 : the case.
But do you know all the cases ?

We have the classic Sharp :
Brown, well designed with 3 zones for CE-150, paper rolls and power adapter.

The rare CE-154 !
The top-most accessory.

The Tandy version.
This one looks very nice with two pockets for power adapter and accessories.

PC-1500 : the full SHARP system

Here is my full SHARP system “in box”.

– PC-1500 small box
– PC-1500 big box with manuals
– PC-1500A big box with manuals
– CE-150 printer and tape interface
– CE-151 4KB memory module
– CE-152 tape recorder
– CE-153 Soft ware board
– CE-154 Briefcase
– CE-155 8KB memory module
– CE-156 Katakana software tape
– CE-157 Katakana ROM module
– CE-158 RS-232C and parallel interface
– CE-159 8KB memory module with write protection
– CE-160 7,8KB Read only memory module
– CE-161 16KB memory module
– CE-162E Tape and parallel interface

The CE-163 2x16KB memory module is missing.
Impossible to find the box. Do you have one ?


PC-1600 : The family

Hi, it’s time to write something about another Sharp pocket computer using the LH5801 microprocessor. In fact it’s the LH5803 specially designed to work in the PC-1600.

Here is the family :
– PC-1605K Japan version for embedded applications
– PC-1600 V1 with the memory and ROM ICs on a separate board
– PC-1600 V2 with all memory and ROM ICs on the main board with a place for a special ROM IC
– PC-1600K Japan V2 with the ROM IC for special chars. (Here it’s a rebadged version)