PC-1600 : The family

Hi, it’s time to write something about another Sharp pocket computer using the LH5801 microprocessor. In fact it’s the LH5803 specially designed to work in the PC-1600.

Here is the family :
– PC-1605K Japan version for embedded applications
– PC-1600 V1 with the memory and ROM ICs on a separate board
– PC-1600 V2 with all memory and ROM ICs on the main board with a place for a special ROM IC
– PC-1600K Japan V2 with the ROM IC for special chars. (Here it’s a rebadged version)


2 thoughts on “PC-1600 : The family

  1. Miquette

    I have a PC-1501, which I bought in my college days. I wanted to play with it again recently, but I could not find the manual. I downloaded your PDF. Thank you so much.


    1. Rom1500 Post author

      Hi Miquette,

      I’m really happy that you discovered my website and your missing manual.
      Thank you for this comment.


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