Like Status Quo, in the army now, oh-oo-oh…

Do you know that the Sharp PC-1500 was used in the army ?

In this picture we can confirm with a big surprise : it was in the Chinese army !
Who can believe this ? A Japan pocket computer in the Chinese army… but maybe was it the Nanfeng version…
I don know much about it’s use but it’s in a rugged box with a waterproof keyboard mask.
The logo seems to be Chinese Air Force or Airborne.

I would be please if one of my Chinese readers could tell us the item’s story and send us more pictures.
Can someone help me to get one ? I really like it !!!
Do you know similar use in your country ?


One thought on “Like Status Quo, in the army now, oh-oo-oh…

  1. Waon Shinyoe

    Wow fantastic website!!!
    There are many PC-1500 in China since the government bought A LOT of them (Also PC-E500) in 1980’s for both army and civil construction. From your picture I can tell that it was likely used in artillery for the calculation of the trajectory. So there are many resources in Chinese. And PC-1500s are quite cheap here… usually less than 100 yuan (~15 USD) But unfortunately most CE-150 have leaked batteries and the board can be seriously corroded. I have a PC-1500, a PC-E500 and a CE-126P now. I’m looking for a working CE-150.

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