Tom’s story : my PC-1500 and Marilyn

I like when my readers want to share some of their PC-1500’s stories.
Today thanks to Tom for this one :

Memories about Marilyn

Hi folks,
recently I found a 30+ years old school exercise book that I used as my private listing library for my very first computer which was – you might guess – a SHARP PC-1500.
It’s a lot cool stuff in it (e.g. a kind of minesweeper game that runs on the CE-150 and some projective 3D math), but I found one bonbon I’d like to share here: The first digitized picture I ever “took”.


When I saw this, memories sprang into my mind:

I was a school boy, maybe 17, and a fan of Marilyn. And I had this brand new PC-1500/CE-150 which I spend ALL my money for.
So I took a photo of her as a template, painted a free hand silhouette image on an A3 paper and rasterized it utilizing a transparent millimeter paper. After that, my best friend had to dictate me all the ZEROs and ONEs for each pixel, in order to capture a “huge” dataset by hand.
I still remember that it was a completely CRAZY amount of work, but the result was very nice for the time of the early 80s.
In fact the jaws of my buddies dropped, when they saw the CE-150 at work, producing that image – point by point.
Well, today we take a 24M picture by the press of our fingertip …
But that doesn’t beat old memories, right? 🙂

Thanx to Eric for this great website!

I will soon tell you another “Tom’s story”… let’s find the memory…

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