CE-154 : The Sharp briefcase for the PC-1500

This is a “must have” item for PC-1500 fans.
Did James Bond have a such briefcase ? No !

When opening it you have :
– PC-1500 or PC-1500A
– CE-150 printer and cassette interface
– CE-152 tape recorder
– CE-153 extended keyboard
– EA-150 power adapter
And under the CE-153 you have a special compartment with
– CE-153 software tape
– CE-156 Katakana software (for Japan briefcase)
– place for up to 4 paper rolls
– place for all cables (CE-153, CE-152, power)
Sharp_CE-154_OpenedFull1    Sharp_CE-154_FullTop

Here is the empty briefcase :
Sharp_CE-154_1    Sharp_CE-154_EmptyTop


You can remove the interior :

And see that it’s a standard briefcase :
Sharp_CE-154_0 Sharp_CE-154_CaseTop

I’m lucky with this one and i have two covers for the interior :
Sharp_CE-154_Empty1 Sharp_CE-154_Empty0

All is explained in this japanese user manual :

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