BMC : The MC-12 (Part II)

Inside the MC-12 it’s a professional assembly. As in the MC-12, all ICs are on sockets.
No battery here, the system needs a power adapter.
The build is same, a main board and piggy-pack modules. We can see some double connectors on the right for, maybe, some filter ?
Under the AD/DA board we have :
– 2 RVS Roms with the firmware
– 4 static memory ICs with a total of 8Kb !!

There is a Basic program stored in the Rom. It’s the named “MC 12.QAS”
BMC_MC-12_QASDownload the user manual

The program is a good example for the new Basic instructions :
QASDownload the program

And here is it running :

BMC_MC-12_015 BMC_MC-12_016

Next time we will the optional modules and some industrial use.

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