BMC Dr. SCHETTER : industrial acquisition interfaces

Finding industrial peripherals for the PC-1500 is not really easy now.
But our german friends were the more active around this pocket computer.
I start here a short story about nice items…


This company is BMC Dr. Schetter and build acquisition/control tools for more than 30 years.
I tried manny times to get some help from them but the only answer was… their newsletter.
This company is like a wall and did not answer any of my e-mail.
All informations in my articles are provided without their help ! But it’s not too late…

One of their first product was the MC-12A and was designed to be driven by our favorite pocket computer. It was the most advanced of the catalog.

In fact there was 3 different interfaces :
MC-12A : Full system with batteries and the R.V.S. Forth language on EPROM
MC-12 : A small system without batteries but it can stay in the CE-150 case.
MC-10 : The very small system to connect directly to the PC-1500. (I’m looking for this one ! Do you have one for me ?)

Everyone having user manuals or other informations that may help can contact me.


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