The project

You all own a Sharp PC-1500 ? The nicest pocket computer produced by Sharp is a real success and 30 years after production end you can ever buy it on auction websites. Incredible ? No !

The system is build with good design and robust materials. Do you know lot of pocket computers with full signals expansion bus ? I don’t…
It’s an expandable machine. Its ROM too. All is done to comfortably add functions and build a big small system. But… not enough RAM, small display, no communication ports !
It’s time to renew this machine, take the best of it’s components, add missing parts and functionalities and build the PC-1560 ! That’s the project !

Christmas ? Yes !!! Wow two 192×64 LCD ! Wow some 128x8Kb RAMs ! Wow some 60 pins male connectors ! Wow new LH5801 and LH5811 chips ! Nice hardware !
Wow a skilled developer with PC-1500 ROM knowledge ! Welcome CGH !
Ideas are welcome too !

Follow the PC-1560 project…



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