For Christmas…

Well, Christmas 2013 is in 3 weeks and i can now be sure what St Nicolas will bring to me…

First i may list my items :
European :
– PC-1500 + CE-161 + CE-150 working like a charm.
– PC-1500A + CE-161 + CE-150 need new battery.
Asian :
– PC-1500 + CE-155 + CE-150 need service.

Incoming in a week :
Asian :
– PC-1501 + CE-161 + CE-150
Hungarian :
– PTA-4000 + KA-160
– PTA-4000+16 + KA-160
– TRS-80 PC2 + CE-150 New in a box

I will soon publish articles about these items.
(Grrr not any famous unknown PC-1500D…)

I will have many other items and maybe some for sale :
– 60 pin male connectors
– Printer color pens

If you are looking for something simply ask me. But consider that my prices will not be low due to out of production and extremely rare items.

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